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   Inessa Tsipina

Was born in Chisinau in 31.12.1946. Graduated from Pepin's art college in 1967. Member of Union of artists of Moldova since 1988. The trustee of the Association of Russian artists of Moldova -Rһ 2004. Lives in Chisinau. Worked as a stage manager on TV moldova 1968-1988.
Oil painting, graphic arts, pastel etc.
The main theme of her crative activity is romantism.
Genres: portraits, still-lives, landscapes.
Took part in republican expositions since 1968.

The main expositions.
Gallery R-R. (Graphic arts) Chisinau - 2000.
Jubilee exhibition in the Hall of the Union of artists of Moldova (painting) 2002.
exposition Lomonosov library in chisinau 2005 .

Participant of International expositions in Japan (1988 .), Spain (1989 .), Bucuresti (1994 .), sow (1995-96.), Hungary (1995.), CAH (1998.- SOW), Art of nations (2002-2003. sow).
Participant of annual joint expositions in Chisinau and Bacau (Romania), exhibitions of association of Russian artists of Moldova "M-ART", exhibition "Peace to the land of Moldova" in Parliament House of Moldova organized by association of Russian artists of Moldova "M-ART" according to Victory Day in 2005.), exhibition " Russian brench of pictorial tree of Moldova" in Brincus Gallery in June 2005. (VI.2005.). Tsipina took part in numerous competitions.
List of the main art works: cycles GURZUF, OLD CHISINAU, Russian cycle.
Typical creative art works:
Portrait of woman. Canvas. Oil. 111 73 - 1998.
Spring in old Chisinau. Canvas. Oil. 60 70 - 1984 .
Self-portrait. Canvas. Oil. 60 50 - 1993 .
Some art works of the artist are in collection of Tretyakov gallery, Art gallery in Tomsk (Russia),Novo-Kuznetsk art gallery, Art gallery of Moldova and in privat collections of Russia, Germany, USA, cANADA, Israel, Italy and France.

E. Barbas.. In searches for truth and beauty // Columna, VI.1991 .
.rkina. Amazing world of Inna Tsipina // Civil peace, #51, 1992.
N.rnea. Soal as a lonely garden // Chisinau news, XI.2001 .
.Shatohina. We do not need Turkey coast // Time, #82, 2004 .

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