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Internet-gallery of the association of Russian artists of republic Moldova "M-ART"

Association of Russian artists of republic Moldova "M-ART" is a public, creative, international organization, which unites professional artists and experts in arts, bending for Russian culture. The association, founded in 2004, on the base of common to all mankind principles of humanism, is a nongovermental, nonpolitical and nonprofit organization.

The main goal and tasks of the association:

Unification of artists and art-experts for:

1. Preservation and popularisation creative heritage of contemporary Russian artists in Moldova, reestablishment of forgotten names of former artists of this country.
2. Protection of author's, civil, juridical, economical and social rights, as well as liberty of concience, honour and dignity of Russian artists in Moldova.
3. Achievement of mutual understanding and respect between citizen of diferent nations in Moldova by means of Fine Arts.
4. Establishment contacts and collaboration with creative organizations of Russia (ethnic motherland) and Moldova".

/Abstract from Statute of Association "М-АRТ"/

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